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Year   four   following   the   junior   age   groups   of   the Sussex     Women’s     Cricket     Association.     With paying   work   taking   more   amnd   more   of   my   time I   will   be   at   less   games   this   year,   but   will   do   as many as I can I     publish    these    photos    on    this    site    with    the permission     of     the     Sussex     Women’s     Cricket Association (SWCA). The    pages    have    been    password    protected    for Under    15’s    and    younger    as    stipulated    by    the county! Contact    Charlotte    Burton    for    password charlotte.burton@sussexcricket.co.uk  
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About the photographer

A   little   bit   about   me.   My   name   is   Dave   and   I   have   been   taking sport   photos   for   over   16   years.   I   started   at   Crawley   Town   FC, becoming   their   photographer   for   many   years,   until   travelling   too much   made   me   give   it   up.   I   am   a   fully   CRB’d   Level   2   cricket coach,   and   my   daughter   is   heavily   into   cricket,   playing   for   the County   and   Ansty   Ladies   CC.   Although   I   still   take   photos   of   Men’s sport   my   passion   is   to   take   ladies   &   girls   sport   photos   to   help publicise   the   women’s   game.   With   a   password   you   can   view   my photos,   and   even   buy   them   if   you   so   wish.   All   the   profits   for   any sales   go   into   the   SWCA   funds,   helping   your   daughter   and   others play   and   enjoy   cricket.   If   you   have   viewed   this   photos,   taken   a few   screenshots,   then   why   not   donate   a   few   £’s   to   the   Sussex WCA?    A    similar    photo    from    an    event    photographer    would    be between £8 - £10. Help me help the Sussex WCA. Don   Miles   runs   two   related   website   links   below   helping   promote women’s    cricket    and    the    Sussex    Womens    Cricket    Association. Simply click on the button below and enjoy his sites!
County Special Offers County coaches can buy multiple images for the bargain price of only £40. Contact me for details!
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